Practice Areas



Trusted; Efficient; Intelligent

Municipal law has been a major part of my practice throughout my career, starting with interning for multiple government agencies during law school, then gaining substantial experience with Plaintiff's civil rights and tort-based claims, and for the last several years concentrating on municipal defense.  My experience includes land use, Section 1983 actions, tort claims, employment claims, Article 78 proceedings, and a variety of other matters. 



Professional Service; Personal Attention; Problem Solving. 

I provide a wide range of services for small and mid-size Long Island businesses, depending on the needs of the particular clients.  For some, they know they have a trustworthy attorney if the need ever arises. For others, I provide transactional and litigation services as a regular part of their business model.  

Real Estate


Informed; Effective; Efficient

I provide transactional, litigation, and consulting services in a broad range of real property matters.   I have represented, among others, purchasers, sellers, developers, lessees and lessors, brokers, appraisers, contractors, investors, lenders, and local governments.  

Personal Injury


Settlements; Trials; Results

 I have a solid background in personal injury litigation.  It is an area of law that I know well. I have the experience necessary to confidently assess the value of an injury; and the trial and negotiation skills necessary to effectively maximize a plaintiff's recovery or minimize a defendant's exposure.  I approach the practice with compassion and respect, understanding that money can never truly compensate for pain and suffering, and re-living a traumatic event through litigation can be difficult. 



Knowledgeable; Skilled; Professional.

For businesses, I provide litigation, administrative, and consulting services; for employees who have been the victim of discrimination or harassment, I can help them obtain appropriate compensation; and for all my clients, I consistently provide reliable high-quality representation.  I am familiar with the myriad of laws and regulations governing the employment relationship, as well as various procedural avenues through which these types of disputes are addressed. 


Appellate Attorney

Thorough Analysis; Effective Argument; Procedural Proficiency

I am qualified and experienced with both state and federal appellate litigation.  In each of the substantive areas in which I practice, I am adept at analyzing the record before the lower court, identifying issues and conducting in-depth research and analysis, and persuasively presenting reasons why a trial level decision should be reversed or affirmed.  

About Me


I approach every aspect of my practice with pride, integrity, and professionalism.  My clients receive candid advice and zealous advocacy.  Generally, my approach to practicing law is a balance between scholarship and pragmatism.  I enjoy when I have an opportunity to do a deep dive into an interesting or novel question, but I also take a goal oriented and practical approach to overall litigation strategy.  I can intelligently debate a nuanced issue with the most erudite jurist, without losing the ability connect with the common sense and empathy of an everyday juror.


I am a New York native. I was born in Richmond Hill, Queens; went to St. John's University for college; and then attended Brooklyn Law School.  I spent years training to become a top trial attorney: first in mock trial and moot court during school, then working with experienced and well-known litigators, then taking on large and complex matters myself.  


Currently, I live in Stonybrook with my wife and daughter, and I am counsel to an outstanding law firm concentrating in municipal and insurance defense with offices in Smithtown, Garden City, and Albany, 

If I can be of assistance in your legal matter, please contact me to arrange a consultation. 

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