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Practice Areas



Professional Service; Personal Attention; Problem Solving. 

I provide a wide range of services for small and mid-size Long Island businesses, depending on the needs of the particular clients.  For some, they know they have a trustworthy attorney if the need ever arises. For others, I provide transactional and litigation services as a regular part of their business model.  

Personal Injury


Settlements; Trials; Results.

If you have been injured, I can help maximize your recovery.  I have extensive experience in personal injury law, including multiple academic honors and awards, years of successfully negotiating settlements and winning trials, including a number of multi-millions of dollar matters. 

Real Estate


Prompt; Informed; Effective.  

I provide both transactional and litigation real estate services, and have a broad range of experience.  I have represented, among others, purchasers, sellers, lessees and lessors, brokers, appraisers, contractors, investors, lenders, and local governments.  

Matrimonial and Family Law


Confident; Compassionate; Focused.

A great matrimonial and family law attorney will identify and narrow the issues in dispute, help you make informed decisions, encourage you to amicably resolve matters where appropriate, and fight by your side where necessary.  Currently, my primary day-to-day practice focuses on business and municipal  matters, but I have experience in matrimonial and family law and my firm has an excellent matrimonial department.  If someone seeking a matrimonial or family law attorney would like me as part of their team to offer input and guidance, I am happy to help.



Knowledgeable; Skilled; Professional.

A great employment attorney will be familiar with the myriad of laws and regulations governing the employment relationship, proficiently analyze any problem, and strategically reach a resolution. For businesses, I provide consulting services and litigation defense; for employees, I help them obtain recovery for their discrimination or wage-and-hour claims.  For all my clients, I consistently provide reliable high-quality representation.  


Appellate Attorney

Thorough Analysis; Effective Argument; Procedural Proficiency

A great appellate attorney will analyze the record before the lower court, provide in-depth research and analysis on the issues, and persuasively present the reasons why a trial level decision should be reversed or affirmed.  Whether you are a fellow lawyer seeking appellate counsel, or a client who believes the lower court erred in its initial decision, I am highly qualified and experienced with State and Federal appellate practice.

About Me


I strive to over-deliver. Whether closing a  deal, cross-examining a witness, or arguing before an appellate panel, I approach every aspect of my practice with pride, integrity, and professionalism. My clients benefit from my expertise and experience, as well as the respect and reputation I have earned over time.  I listen to my clients, offer candid advice, and provide zealous advocacy.


I am a New York native. I was born in Richmond Hill, Queens; went to St. John's University for college; and then attended Brooklyn Law School.  I spent years training to become a top trial attorney: first in mock trial and moot court during school, then working with experienced and well-known litigators, and taking on large and complex matters myself.  Over time, my practice grew to include transactional matters as well, including business and real estate .   


Currently, I live in Stonybrook, my office is in Hauppauge, and I am building a general civl practice.  Most of my clients are from Long Island, but I handle matters in the City as well. 

If I can be of assistance in your legal matter, please contact me to arrange a consultation. 

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