I have successfully represented clients before state and federal appellate courts throughout my career.

Thorough Analysis

Appellate practice is a deliberative process that requires a combination of experience and aptitude.  Appellate attorneys find the right arguments to make, know how to research and weigh legal authorities, and know how to find or eliminate factual questions within a closed record on appeal.   I approach the process and my clients with the respect they deserve, and have developed a reputation as an attorney who either knows the answer to difficult questions, or knows how to find the right answer.

Effective Argument

Appellate brief writing and oral argument are specialized forms of advocacy.  My work product in both areas is second to none.  Not only am I adept in determining what arguments are the best to be made, I also know how to present those arguments so that they will be appropriately heard and considered by the appellate court.  Appellate advocates guide a panel of judges through a careful review and debate of the matters before them, and help shape court's decisions that are then cited as precedent. Persuasively presenting arguments in this context requires an appropriate temperament, and a variety of finely-honed skills in both written and oral advocacy.

Procedural Proficiency

Knowing how to navigate the appellate process well allows an experienced appellate attorney to focus on substance over form.  Among other advantages, I am able to save my clients both time and money while offering high quality work.  

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